Episoddict: Trust (Season 1)

Trust (Season 1) – ★★★
2018 🇺🇲🇬🇧
📽️ Danny Boyle × Dawn Shadforth × Jonathan van Tulleken × Susanna White × Emanuele Crialese
✍️ Simon Beaufoy × Alice Nutter × Brian Fillis × John Jackson × Harriet Braun

Imperyong impiyerno. Damot at dukot. Pamilya sa Italya. Krisis sa langis. Padulas. Takas. Alas.

Best Episodes:
1. Silenzio
2. The House of Getty
3. Kodachrome
4. Lone Star
5. In the Name of the Father

Best Performances:
1. Donald Sutherland (J. Paul Getty)
2. Silas Carson (Jahangir Khan / Bullimore)
3. Brendan Fraiser (Fletcher Chace)
4. Hilary Swank (Gail Getty)
5. Harris Dickinson (J. Paul Getty III)

Annotation 2020-07-14 140616

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